Why I love to hate these Bank/PO Jobs

These days every other person I know among my juniors , is trying to get one of those bank jobs and why not it suits the typical Indian mentality of avoiding risks and attaining stability in career ASAP , but there are several things which I hate about this growing trend enlisted in following paragraph .

  •  I know one of my friends’ younger brother who is smart & good in studies from the very beginning but still chose BANK/PO and he cleared it too,  and so we are loosing smart people like him due to the preconceived notion of stability among Indians and pressure by parents/peers to get stable early or they will have trouble getting married or be a social gossip topic !
  • Bank/PO has given majority of Indian youth a easy target to hit and so clueless engineers who might have done something good once they knew what joy coding/IT could have done are just swept away by enchantment of this easy target and will be doing that boring bank job just for stability & money !
  • Another of my friend who is a branch manager now , has the same story to tell – “Lots of workload & pressure and same repeated job day in/ day out with no chance of creativity/ innovation as money is involved and he still misses his old counter strike/ electronics hacking  days “

The Bank/PO jobs are good for unemployed youngsters  but I hate it when i see engineers/MBA and even some other domain experts craving for these jobs like anything and this is the reason why we have so much less R&D and innovative products being developed in India as focus is on – “getting financially stable with least risk” !


My New Tripod

I got a simpex 333 tripod few days back , to shoot distant objects at full zoom without the shaking effect & also for super steady shots as I have a really bad problem of shaking hands , which makes it super tough to take photos in night or at high zooms

anyways, here’s the thing, got it for 850 INR from Cinema Art Dehradun .

Simpex 333 Tripod


Will upload some pics taken with help of this stability monster soon !

Wallpaper worthy Images from my new Nikon Coolpix p100

I got this beautiful equipment on 11th sept and within 2 days , i tried shooting some of the shots that I used to shoot earlier with my mobile camera& these turned out to be great so, I am sharing them with you . As, the images are 16:9 so they will  fit any Widescreen HD monitor , which generally most of the monitors/laptops used nowadays are ,


Water Drops after Rain on a Plant Macro shot of Water drop on a Plant

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Will Be Blogging Regularly Now !

I have decide to blog regularly now, even though in the current trend of FB & twitter , where we share short descriptions of what we actually wish to describe , I would try to keep the content short & only relevant while focusing on the facts & figures, so as not to make this blog boring for you or for me .

Today & Work & Tomorrow

Another, spontaneous quotation from my side, Hope no one else copied me before 🙂


Act Now, Tomorrow Never Comes it Passes Away Just Like Today


If you find it useful, or you can improve on it, then just comment here

The Stoning of Soraya M. – Does it Happens Still

I just finished this movie, which I watched out of curiosity and it’s high IMDB rating, but the story touched the very core of my heart and I was nearly crying at the end, and could’nt help my tears from falling and also at the same time, It was unbearable for me  and I can bet for any other human soul  too that still conserves emotions and sympathy for others , that this would bring him to tears or at least infuriate him .


The movie based on a true story about the stoning of Women in Iran who are found to be unfaithful, just left me pondering on the state of women in backward regions like Iran and at some places in India & in many small places in one way or the other they are treated like a heartless toy or dummy whom they can beat up and do anything they like just because they cant resist you physically . image

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Marley and Me a Wonderful Movie

I just finished watching Marley and Me, enjoyed this movie a lot It was about relationship of a Dog and his master and how the life of the family and Dog interacted, I was touched greatly by this movie as I myself had a Dog in my previous years but he died and I miss him still.


These were the ending lines in the movie, these just made me think so I am quoting them here,


A dog has no use for fancy cars…

or big homes or designer clothes.

A waterlogged stick
will do just fine.

A dog doesn’t care
if you’re rich or poor…

clever or dull, smart or dumb.

Give ’em your heart
and he’ll give you his.

How many people
can you say that about?

How many people can make you
feel rare and pure and special?

How many people can
make you feel… extraordinary?

Happy New Year Friends – Welcome 2009

Here comes a New year, and with lots of hope anticipation and eagerness we await the surprises that life might throw towards us, during this year. We cannot determine how effecting those surprises shall be, but we can only wish that those homing surprises have pleasant gifts for you and me , A year ended and this global recession didn’t it chose to stay and devour some more smiles and even lives .  Let’s Hope for the best and a Happy Happy New year to all of you .

Web Apps charging in , Desktop Softwares may be History soon !!

I was just pondering over the current progressive scenario in the Computer world , more and more softwares are being replaced by their online counter parts . We have numerous examples like

1. Office – Google Docs,Zoho

2. Feed Reader – Google reader,newsgator online etc.

3. Multimedia – online streaming sites like YouTube, Imeem,last.fm

4. Converters – Online video/audio/document converters are there .
and i can quote several other categories like Image editing,Games and everything else , with the increaing coordination between Web browsers and developers , it seems that one day all our local desktop apps would go on-line . technologies like google gears,adobe air are all making  these web apps look and perform faster so as to beat up their desktop counterparts , and the greatest advantage you get is Platform independence,anywhere access,no processing overload on your system ( except processing that javascript) .

Still many applications would remain on desktops, but any application that’s small can be shifted to online status, especially those nifty library management,hospital management etc.